Regional Planning

The sub-division of Regional Planning has its roots since the establishment of Community Science Studies in the late 1970s. Regional Planning has been recognized as the sub-division of City and Regional Planning Department of YTU in 1983 with researchers on different backgrounds in regional and urban economics, social development, urban sociology, legal aspects and environmental issues.

By 2013, the total number of academic staff has reached to 11 where four of them are research assistants. Regional Planning sub-division has the responsibility of both regional planning studio and also courses related with regional planning such as urban sociology, research methods and analysis techniques, social capital and sociology. Besides such duties, the sub-division has carried out research projects listed as:

  • Earthquake Mitigation Master Plan for Istanbul,
  • Spatial Development Strategies, Research and Model Proposal for Istanbul,
  • Regional Development Strategy for Erzurum-Erzincan-Bayburt (supported by UNDP),
  • Sustainable Regional Development Framework for Aydın, Turkey.